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Posted in: Thyroid Nodules.

7 cm nodule!

From: wingsvk - 4 years 35 weeks ago

I had a thyroid ultrasound on Monday (5/9/16) and my doctor called later the same day to tell me it measures 7 cm! She is referring me for a biopsy, which I'm not too worked up about thanks to all the info I've found on this site and elsewhere, but 7 cm seems to be very large. I did find one study that showed the incidence of thyroid cancer with thyroid nodules does seem to go up with the size of the nodule, but only until 4 cm. With nodules larger than 4 cm, there is no longer a linear relationship with incidence of thyroid cancer. Since it is so large, my doc said she'd refer me to an endocrinologist even if the biopsy came back showing it is benign, because the specialist would probably like it removed anyway.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a nodule this large, what surgery was like to remove it, whether the other side of the thyroid was left alone, etc.

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Is this good advice?

I have been diagnosed with two nodules, one is a bit over 4cm. They are advising I remove the right side with nodules. I was wondering your results, or what you ended up doing? I have no other symptoms and I hoping to find another way.

Is this good advice?

I to was diagnosed with nodules on both sides 1cm, and a 4cm goiter on left side. I had FNA done 2 weeks ago which came back benign. I have every symptom of an under active thyroid for 4-5 yrs but my labs are good? Dr recommends removal of goiter and left gland due to positioning of goiter (blocking airway) and risk factor for injury to voice box is significantly less if gland is removed as well. However he says I will not need meds afterwards due to keeping rt side gland. He also says it will not make any of my thyroid type issues go away. I asked him simply this " your telling me to have neck cut open in what he referred to as major outpatient surgery, yet I am not going to feel any different or better" , he said "right" ?? So I'm very confused and will seek another opinion before having surgery. This Dr is ENT that specializes in thyroid, diabetes and other things. He scheduled my surgery quickly. I'm not convinced he's not an expert with little time to explain, but I need more convincing this is necessary???