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Posted in: Thyroid Nodules.

Thyroid nodules require endocrinologist?

From: Susanppt - 6 years 49 weeks ago

I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I saw my GP because I had a sensation of something caught in my throat for a few days. He felt my neck and it felt like my thyroid was swollen and sent me for lab work and a thyroid ultrasound. I have a family history of nodules in my mother, aunt, and grandfather. My aunt's was cancerous, but the other people's were benign, but required partial to full thyroidectomies. Everyone's thyroid levels were normal despite the nodules, both cancerous or benign. That being said, my TSH level was normal and my ultrasound showed 3 small nodules, 2 on the right and 1 on the left. During my ultrasound when the technician was looking the left side, it was intensifying my symptoms to the point that I almost had to ask her to stop. My GP has reviewed everything and feels it is nothing to worry about and is recommended I take Prilosec every day for a week to see if that helps my symptoms (he is thinking reflux with the throat sensation). I feel I should at least see an endocrinologist to further evaluate the nodules because of my family history. And just because the nodules are small I don't think they can be automatically be ruled out as the cause of my symptoms. I have no history of reflux. What are your thoughts? Am I overacting? Is seeing an endocrinologist a reasonable thought? Am I overreacting when I think I should get a new GP?

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