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Thyroid Nodules Support Community Discussions

Tingling, pins and needles sensation from hypothyroidism?

Started by tanderson88 12 years 22 weeks ago

Hashimoto's and HIVES!!!

Started by summerm01 8 years 24 weeks ago

Treat Thyroid Nodules Without Surgery

Started by thyroidrfa 19 weeks 2 days ago

Throat pressure/neck fullness

Started by mjbmoody 29 weeks 3 days ago

V theurer

Started by 49 weeks 5 days ago

Radioactive iodine treatment

Started by KimSs 2 years 7 weeks ago

Are these normal side effects of a thyroid nodule?

Started by Dfast 1 year 21 weeks ago


Started by Heatherrae1111 1 year 30 weeks ago

Thyroid nodules and major symptoms Dr says it's not my thyroid

Started by Stephy086 1 year 31 weeks ago

Thyroidectomy Complications

Started by renn 1 year 41 weeks ago

Neck discomfort after thyroidectomy

Started by Dkellz76 1 year 44 weeks ago

thyriod nodules

Started by Monzello2 2 years 1 week ago

Tingling in face when chewing after thyroidectomy.

Started by TASAN 2 years 6 weeks ago

Need information

Started by MMoreland93 2 years 23 weeks ago

Post thyroidectomy palps

Started by Pacino85 2 years 8 weeks ago

Symptoms vs. labs

Started by LSchuman 2 years 9 weeks ago

multiple hypo echoic nodules

Started by tonis 2 years 10 weeks ago


Started by Laurabarz 2 years 11 weeks ago