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Thyroid Cancer Support Community Discussions

searching for answers

Started by whythy 10 years 45 weeks ago

Having my thyroid removed in 5 weeks

Started by doris182004 9 years 29 weeks ago

Natural desiccated vs. synthetic thyroid?

Started by bobsmom 7 years 33 weeks ago

thyroid cancer and diabetes

Started by tracey 10 years 4 days ago

Thyroid Nodules calcificated suspected to be cancer

Started by Penny Yu 7 years 47 weeks ago


Started by Leron 8 years 28 weeks ago

Tsh replacement therapy- post cancer. How low is ok?

Started by aesopdog 10 years 13 weeks ago

Multiple nodules.... scared

Started by jenb2683 8 years 23 weeks ago

papillary carcinoma

Started by brookins 7 years 50 weeks ago

Thyroid Surgery..

Started by twoscorpiobabies 8 years 1 day ago

Mood changes after thyroidectomy

Started by Sphilli2 8 years 6 weeks ago

External Beam Radiation

Started by mollz 8 years 6 weeks ago

Trying to get answers, but getting nowhere.

Started by Aprils3 8 years 7 weeks ago

Hurthle Cell Thyroid Cancer

Started by cjc 8 years 33 weeks ago

Salmon Good for Pregnant Moms

Started by SheenaL 8 years 9 weeks ago

Children With papillary carcinoma thyroid cancer

Started by momhatescancer 8 years 50 weeks ago

Do you have hypothyroidism?

Started by lmbos 9 years 31 weeks ago

Fast losing hope

Started by Jonky 8 years 51 weeks ago


Started by JORDAN 8 years 42 weeks ago

thyroid replacement tx, and high cholesterol

Started by debbie1 10 years 29 weeks ago
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