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I then had all the blood-work done. Which came back normal! However the ultrasound results show a nodule on the upper rt. lobe of my thyroid. The size is 2.4cm. When I met with the surgeon I was told a biopsy would be the next step. {needle} During that same appt. the surgeon stated "That after more review of the radiology report {from the ultrasound} That it may be better to just watch & moniter the situation. Reason being that the report indicated the nodule to be more fluid filled, like a cyst. Also he stated that most of these "attempted" biopsy's; prove to be fruitless. Due to "Not Enough" actual cell material to create the sample. My concern is leaveing it go & later on finding out it's some type of cancer! Have any of You had a similar diagnoisis?? Or had afluid filled nodule as well?? Please share your experience with me. I'm going "crazy" trying to pool any information off the web. All the Medical sites, although informative; they are also very overwhelming. All the medical verbage is to intimidating. Thank You to those who are posting your stories. Beth M

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Your results seem to be fine. From everything I have laid my hands on, it would appear that your results are just like a majority of females have going on in their thyroid.
Once you start talking about it to others, it is amazing how many people live perfectly ordinary lives after being told that there are lumps and bumps in the thyroid.
Let the doctors monitor the nodule and you look after your health fears by not worrying as it will affect you thyroid.

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Hi Beth, I too have a cyst (actually 2 cysts) on my thyroid. This was found during an MRI of my neck for a pinched nerve. I had a follow up Ultrasound, then went to my endocrinologist and she did blood work on me to check my thyroid function. All normal. She has ordered an ultrasound to be done in 5 months to re-check. She said cysts do not always affect the thyroid function. Hope this helps.

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Hi Beth, I had a 2cm cyst on my thyroid. My blood tests were all fine. The options I was given were to remove, biopsy (because it was larger than 1cm), or wait and see. I personally drove myself insane worrying about what it was, so I decided to have the biopsy, which was benign. At my six month check up the cyst had grown 25% and there was a 2nd nodule, so I underwent a further biopsy which returned as 'non-diagnostic'. Given the rate of growth of my cyst I decided to have it removed. Thankfully it was all benign and other than some follow up blood tests and yearly scans to make sure I don't have any more lumps, it's over for me. I am sleeping better, and hadn't even realised that my worry had been affecting my sleep, even with the initial benign result.