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I am going in for an ultrasound guided biopsy on the 28th, but have so much worry,stress, and anxiety. I had avoided getting my thyroid nodule re-checked for a very long time ( very stupid on my part ). Previously it was 1.6cm with debris, non concerning at that time. I had recently gone into the Hospital with Bronchitis, then ended up with a sore throat and enflamed tonsil crypt. I was told tonsil was fine, and bronchitis is now gone. But they did do a CT to see if I had any abscess on my tonsil. I did not. But they did note that there is now punctate calcification in my right thyroid nodule ( still 1.6cm ) [heterogenous]. Everything that I have read about Punctate calcification is BAD, and to top it off it was not there before. I am so scared of what happens next.

Everything that I have been reading there is not one thing stating that this can be in there and still be okay.

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