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I am going in for an ultrasound guided biopsy on the 28th, but have so much worry,stress, and anxiety. I had avoided getting my thyroid nodule re-checked for a very long time ( very stupid on my part ). Previously it was 1.6cm with debris, non concerning at that time. I had recently gone into the Hospital with Bronchitis, then ended up with a sore throat and enflamed tonsil crypt. I was told tonsil was fine, and bronchitis is now gone. But they did do a CT to see if I had any abscess on my tonsil. I did not. But they did note that there is now punctate calcification in my right thyroid nodule ( still 1.6cm ) [heterogenous]. Everything that I have read about Punctate calcification is BAD, and to top it off it was not there before. I am so scared of what happens next.

Everything that I have been reading there is not one thing stating that this can be in there and still be okay.

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I know it's been a long time since you posted this, but I have only been reading these posts for a little while, never knowing I had a thyroid problem until the past few months. Please don't say it was stupid on your part when you avoided getting the nodule rechecked. Sometimes we do what we think we should do, sometimes we're wrong, sometimes we just can't do what we think we should do. Today I was wondering if I could have the courage to go through with treatment what they call "life-saving treatment" for certain diseases, and now that they say a large nodule has been discovered on my thyroid gland, I have to decide what treatment, if any, I will accept. I could have had this nodule for years. I probably have had it for years. I am beginning to understand that not everybody can do what another person can do. Please don't blame yourself.