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Postive Biopsy after several years of watching

From: blairf83 - 5 years 24 weeks ago

Hi... 33/f and just got the call a couple days ago that my FNA had cancer cells in it....

I've experienced some hypothyroid symptoms for several years ( cold intolerance! It's 75 in myoffice and I wear a c) and have a strong family history of thyroid weirdness... Aunt, Sister, Grandfather were all hypo. Mom is hypo, had one parathyroid out and is having the other removed soon,

Since 2009 they've been keeping an eye on my thyroid because it was enlarged. First ultrasound revealed a bunch of very small cysts. Milimiter, 2 mm... Just little guys.

I didn't do annual physicals/routine care for a few years due to cost and time and being young and healthyish.

Last year I got a new PCP, and she once again noted that the thyroid was noted as enlarged, was sent for ultrasound. Ultrasound noted some sub cm cysts, one having calcifications. Scheduled follow up ultrasound in 6 months. Tech assures me it's nothing to worry about. Suuuuuuuper common.

Had 6month check a couple weeks ago and the largest cyst had doubled in size and was showing more vascularization. Have some cysts in the other lobe that are not a cm yet and seem to be slow growing, but also show small amounts of calcification.... So... FNA scheduled and done... (Unlpeasant! They LIE when they say that it doesn't hurt after the lidocaine! LIES!)

And then I got a call a couple days ago from my doctors office... Doctor wants to speak to me... Dr. comes on the line and says that my biopsy was positive for cancer cells, they've scheduled me for an appointment with an oncologist, and I'll be having surgery to have part or all of my thyroid removed. So now I'm scheduled for a trip to an oncologist who specializes in thyroid surgery on April 27.

I'm not that worried now about the cancer aside from the occasional moment of "Eeeeek! I have a cancer" I know there's a super high cure rate. I will be FINE when all this is done. The bigger worry for me is the cost of treatment because my insurance is kind of not so fabulous... I'm trying not to jump the gun, but this has me a bit scared. I have me, 2 show dogs, a deposit on a puppy, 2 useless cats, and a horse. Lots of little mouths depending on me...

I don't know yet if they do a partial or full thyroidectomy for me... Given my track record of no luck (this will be surgery #7 in 15 years for me. If it can go wrong, it will...), if they want to do the partial, would it be out of line for me to request a full? I really don't want to have to do it twice, and once upon a time the cancerous one was just a little non-suspicious blip on the radar.....

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