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Posted in: Thyroid Cancer.

Thyroid Cancer Survivor

From: smh57 - 8 years 33 weeks ago

I was diagnosed the beginning of this year with thyroid cancer. I had a total thyroidectomy and a lymph node removed. Went through all of the RAI treatments and have been on synthroid now for 7 weeks. I just noticed about 2 weeks ago different changes within myself. Burning in my throat (like acid), very tired, pins and needles in my finger tips, weird feelings in my legs and have been very forgetful. I had my levels checked yesterday and today the doctor said everything is normal including my calcium level. So why am I feeling this way if everything is normal? I am new to this and need some advice.

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i know what you are talking about ! I had my thyroid and 10 lobes and 2 nobes removed on dec 28, 2009. And i have not gotten my hormones under control yet. 150 is too high and 137 is too low and i cannot control my emotions or how things get to me. I will just say what ever comes into my mind and i cannot control it. i am gaining weight but i only eat little but through out the day so my body does not go into stravetion mode and since i can go several days without eating because of not being hunrgy. I wish that they can do a thryoid inplant to fix this i hate how i feel


Is this good advice?

i feel the same way had thyroid and 2 nobes and 10 lobes removed in dec 2009 and i feel the same


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