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Posted in: Thyroid Cancer.

increase in thyroglobulin levels

From: mgrulich - 12 years 11 weeks ago

I am concerned that my thyroglobulin levels which have been consistently <0.02 since my total thyroidectomy four years ago for thyroid cancer have suddenly increased. On the latest test they were <4 which represents a 200% increase. The article I read on endocrineweb states that a level of >10 is cause for concern. But it seems that a sudden change like that is a concern also. The medical group that I belong to sends all test results to the patient via e-mail. It is very difficult to get a hold of the doctor to discuss the results. You can send your doctor an e-mail, but you have to pay a yearly $60 fee in order to do this. Has anyone else had issues with increased thyroglobulin levels?

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2 Responses

Is this good advice?

I had my thyroglobulin checked last month and it was 4.50 something. The last time i had the test, 2 years ago, was only 0.55 ng/ml. It's not a good sign and i have to go back to the doctors.

Is this good advice?

Well I had my thyroidectomy 25 years ago and a complete body scan five years after that with clean results. Now suddenly my thyroglobulin levels are not just elevated, but now are 497.0! I've had very regular blood tests, but no scans. A recent neck ultra-sound had no significant findings so I am very worried that I have some type of metastases. I am no doctor, but have lived with the existence of thyroid cancer for a long time and believe that you should be concerned about sudden changes. Spend the money if you have to in order to speak w/ your doctor! I feel as if I have become so relaxed because of all the years that maybe I was not as vigilent as I should have been.