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Pressure in throat

From: Medhelpme - 2 years 26 weeks ago

Last year I noticed pressure in my neck. Feels like someone pressing their thumb in deep, directly where a trach would go. Never pain, just uncomfortable pressure. When it's at its worst it goes to my entire neck, and feels like my head will explode. Had blood work done, and levels were fine. I saw an ent and I had a barium swallow done, and thyroid nodule biopsied. Nodule was benign. Symptoms went away, now all of the sudden they're back. I wasn't really given any information on what is going on or how to cope, they look at you like you're a wackadoodle because you also have anxiety, and they don't find anything??? Any suggestions, thoughts...

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Is this good advice?

Look under thyroid cancer- throat pressure

A feed I’m following is posted in thyroid cancer as “throat pressure” by someone.
All very similar symptoms we all have.
Look up and google vagus nerve damage

Is this good advice?

I went to the doctor for the same odd pressure. Labs were normal but us showed a "large nodule". I see the endocrinologist tomorrow and he already has a biopsy scheduled for early October. I am freaking out!!!

I hope you get good news!