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Pre-diabetes Support Community Discussions

Symptoms of diabetes?

Started by LeonaWilde 31 weeks 6 days ago

Time to go to endocrinologist?

Started by Flutesong 37 weeks 2 days ago

Weird throat sensation

Started by armedchixrule 1 year 3 weeks ago

What kind of pre-diabetes

Started by lizette 1 year 13 weeks ago

maybe thyroid problems or diabetes

Started by alunke82 1 year 15 weeks ago

Constant Weight Gain

Started by Bruzz88 1 year 36 weeks ago


Started by Sharada subramanya 1 year 41 weeks ago

Eat the right foods

Started by grannygram 2 years 17 weeks ago

I'm new and lost

Started by Mom126inNJ 1 year 51 weeks ago

New Inhaled Insulin - Better AC1 results

Started by 2 years 12 weeks ago

Eat the right foods

Started by grannygram 2 years 17 weeks ago

Endocrinologist specializing I. Hashimoto

Started by Mankin 2 years 28 weeks ago

From Hyperthyroidism to Hypothroidism in a month?!

Started by ziplockkisses 2 years 42 weeks ago

Tips for mainting safe blood sugar levels?

Started by sjohnson 8 years 41 weeks ago

New user here

Started by GreenTree 2 years 46 weeks ago

Diabetes Awareness Month

Started by hjeanpat 3 years 14 weeks ago

hypothyroidism confirmed but still not right

Started by scarlet35 3 years 14 weeks ago

weight loss/no symptoms of hypothyroidism while off of synthroid??

Started by roksanaroxy 3 years 20 weeks ago

unexplained weight loss....

Started by drppandey2 5 years 47 weeks ago

Any input welcome at ghe end of my tether

Started by fedupgirl30 3 years 31 weeks ago

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