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How many blood tests required for standard diagnosis of Low T
From: LowT - 1 day 29 min ago
Hi. I was wondering if someone could help.

I have had tests over the last few months to determine on whether I have a condition such as hypogonadism that causes Low testosterone as one of the symptoms.

I was wondering how many blood tests are normally required in order to ascertain whether treatment with hormone replacement therapy is required.

The first 2 blood tests came back with a very low result. (6.9) and extremely high Cholestorol. (i am 38 years old).

Would two tests normally be enough for an endoctrinologist to prescribe HGH such as the one that comes in the form of gel.

That's for example, with out any other abnormal results.
And with other physical symptoms that suggest that I am suffering from a congenital condition such as the mosiac variation of Klien Felter Syndrome.

(I have atrophy of the gonads without varicocelle, I can not build muscle in the chest or the arms easily, I do not have much chest hair and do not full facial hair, plus fatigue/anxiety/cognitive impairment/extended sleep or extreme anxiety/extremely anxiety if over exercise/sensitvity to caffiene).

Reiterate the question. How many blood tests normally required in order to get treatment for standard diagnosis?

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