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Thyroid Cancer and Mood Disorder?

From: Autumn - 8 years 47 weeks ago

My husband had a thyroidectomy due to papillary thyroid cancer about two years ago. He really has not been himself since then. I know they have to keep his TSH low to not trigger cancer growth. Could his thyroid levels cause any type of mood/personality disorder? He has very sudden and unpredictable mood swings and is often aggressive. Has anyone else experienced this, and what should be done?

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I was diagnosed with Papillary Cancer Tall Cell Variant and had a total thyroidectomy and partial lateral radical neck dissection back in August 2012. I just said to my husband last night that my agitation and aggressiveness, I feel, is due to my medication not being at the right dosage. Maybe your husband should have his blood levels checked to make sure the dose is correct I check every 4 weeks because my levels fluctuate so much and so quickly. Also, I don't know about the extent of his surgery, but mine was VERY extensive and every single day I am reminded of it and how uncomfortable I am and how much pain my body is in (aches) and that doesn't help either...ask him if he is suffering any symptoms like aches and pains that don't go away, headaches, etc, etc. Then take him to an endocrinologist for testing. Good luck - tell him he is not alone. : )