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Children With papillary carcinoma thyroid cancer

From: momhatescancer - 10 years 2 weeks ago

New to this site - Looking for answers for my two daughters that have papillary carcinoma...they are 17 and 14 years old.
My husband also has pap/ca, he was diagnosed 13 yrs ago at the age of 34. He is currently in stage 4.
My 17 yr old was diagnosed 6/2010, had surgery, RAI, with spread to lymph nodes. She just finished her one year check up with week long tests and body scan, had biopsies yesterday for 2 suspicious nodes in neck.
My 14 yr old will have complete thyroidectomy next Wed. 6/15/11..her last ultrasound showed numerous suspicious nodes surrounding thyroid.
The doctors have always told us this cancer was not hereditary, but now they tell us that it is. They also suggest that we go to a genetic councelor, but I'm not sure what good that would do us at this time.
As a mother/wife, my heart is broken to watch my beautiful girls suffer with this disease.
Does anyone have any suggestions where to turn or had this type of cancer to run in their family?

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