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Elevated Tg levels after total thyroidectomy

From: phelgrahm - 3 years 15 weeks ago

I had what I thought was a successful thryoidectomy 2 months ago (due to 1 cm papillary lump), but in a follow up blood test recently my Tg levels were elevated according to the lab report (0.3 ng/ml using the Beckman Coulter
Chemiluminescent method). My TgAB level was in range, however. My endo seemed pleased with these numbers and said I would not need any follow up RAI treatment or other surgery, but I am very confused because the lab report states the Tg to be "out of range" and from what I have read that would suggest the need for further treatment. Should I seek a second opinion? I just want to make sure I get the treatment I need so the cancer doesn't come back later. Thanks for your help.

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