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Treatment Decision without Diagnostic Scan?

From: jillianlf - 4 years 33 weeks ago

I had a total thyroidectomy 3 weeks ago. The pathology report showed disease in 3 of the 6 lymphnoids removed, and that the margins weren't clear (it has spread beyond the margins). It's common, papillary thyroid cancer. I'm 39, and was hoping to have another child.

I feel like I need the diagnostic scan in order for us to make an informed decision about if it's reasonable to put off radioactive iodine for ~18 months to (hopefully) give me time to have another baby. My endocrinologist told me it's not traditional to do a scan without committing to treatment, but agreed that in some cases it would be reasonable to wait before doing the radioactive iodine (because it's so slow growing). I don't understand how one can make an informed decision about treatment without knowing exactly how pervasive the cancer is?

Has anyone else had a similar experience? If I didn't want to have another baby (and I wasn't so close to 40) I'd move ahead with the treatment, but I'm hearing very mixed messages saying that the cancer is both very slow growing, and that it's not traditional to wait a year or so to do the radioactive iodine.

Would love thoughts from anyone who experienced something similar.


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