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Risks of biopsies and spread of cancer

From: Spstock - 4 years 50 weeks ago

What are the risks of biopsies and the spread of cancer?
I have a background in biology and know that when you puncture a cell, fluids of the cytoplasm may leak out of the wounded cell before it is repaired. I also know that in certain types of cancer , specially the ones that spread fast, nips ies are considered a risk.
I was diagnosed with thyroid papillary cancimoma a few years ago, I am now in a situation where chemistry (lab test to measure Tg levels), neck ultrasound and PTscan (with radioactive glucose, not iodine because apparently my. Ellis are not responding to the iodine) indicate I may have a recurrence on my neck.
Do I really need to confirm the potential recurrence by doing a biopsy, I am concern that with this procedure cancer may spread... I know that biopsies are avoided for patients with medullary thyroid carcinoma.
So, what is the advice for my situation?

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