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Recurrence of of thyroid papillary carcinoma

From: Spstock - 4 years 50 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with Thyroid papillary carcinoma in August 2011. I had full thyroidectomy on Sept. 2011 followed by ablation treatment. Two year later I had recurrence affecting only 1 lymph node on my right side. This was found by biopsy following lab test of Tg andTgAB. Pet scan with radioactive iodine did not show signs of recurrence. My doctor concluded I had become irresponsible to iodine treatment. I had a second surgery to remove the compromised lymph node in May 2013. I have been with hormone treatment taking levothyroxine (125mcg) Continued with follow ups every 6 months, doing annually a CT Scan (with radioactive glucose instead). Last June I had an annual check up, my doctor thinks I may have recurrence on the central neck area, compromising two lymph nodes on both sides of the neck. Have not done a biopsy yet, but my doctor thinks that another surgery will be necessary specially given the location of the apparently cancerous lymph nodes.
Although I am willing to take the challenge of another surgery, I am concern that this may not be the last surgery I may have, so I am looking for options hat would help me reduce growth of cancer or alternative treatments.
I would appreciate learning about options or survivors who have been in similar situations.
Thaks in advance for your feedback.

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Hello, I was just going through your post and others to see if there were any recurrent cases.
I also had a full thyroidectomy on 2008 and recently my ultra sound shows I have a mass/tissue growing which looks like a thyroid tissue, when it shouldnt be there after a TT. I have been asked to do a pet scan and have my appointment only in August. I was a bit worried because of the recurrence. I hope your results are fine and you do not have to do another surgery too.