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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to see if others have been in a similar situation and find out what your experiences were.

I'm a 32yr old female and found a lump in my throat last September. It ended up being that my left thyroid was enlarged to approx. 3.5cm and it was part solid and part liquid. My biopsy reduced the size to 2.5cm and it came back as negative. My my endo recommended leaving the left Thyroid in unless it was problematic for me and I wanted to remove it.
I went to see a Surgeon so I could understand exactly what was involved and between the two week period of each appointment the Thyroid bleed again and increased back to 3.5cm.
The Surgeon recommended that I remove my left Thyoid due to the fact that it beld for a second time and would continue to do so.

I went for surgery 2.5 weeks ago and just found out to the surprise of myself and the surgeon that it contained papillary cancer, 1.2cm in size.
He's given me two options,
First option is to leave my right side in but the right side has some small nodules on it and he cannot guarantee that it doesn't contain any cancer cells and that given that my first biopsy was wrong we can't really test whether any will appear.
The second option is to remove my right side, go onto Thyroid medication which will reduce my TSH levels. By doing this they can test my TSG levels and if they are elevated they know there are cancer cells.
With both options the Surgeon has advised that I won't need RAI Treatment.

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