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Papillary Thyroid Cancer Support Community Discussions

Throat pressure

Started by JamieRN 6 years 7 weeks ago

Negative Changes After Thyroidectomy

Started by Mathew88 19 weeks 1 day ago

Overactive again?

Started by lilacsuz 39 weeks 1 day ago

Weird Labs and feeling utterly miserable for two years, please help...

Started by misscliocat 49 weeks 6 days ago

Total Thyroid Removal vs Partial Thyroid Removal

Started by doris182004 7 years 14 weeks ago

Anxiety/Depression after thyroidectomy

Started by Tsteeleelya 45 weeks 4 hours ago


Started by Nanda72 1 year 3 weeks ago

Too Young for menopause..

Started by el2001 7 years 18 weeks ago

US/MRI results?

Started by mmatthews42291 1 year 18 weeks ago

Elevated Tg levels after total thyroidectomy

Started by phelgrahm 1 year 19 weeks ago

Treatment after TT

Started by Starlight1968 1 year 19 weeks ago

Treatment Decision without Diagnostic Scan?

Started by jillianlf 1 year 21 weeks ago

Recurrence of of thyroid papillary carcinoma

Started by Spstock 1 year 32 weeks ago

Recurrent Thyroid after total Thyroidectomy

Started by ThyroidStress 1 year 30 weeks ago

Risks of biopsies and spread of cancer

Started by Spstock 1 year 32 weeks ago

Total thyroidectomy - weight gain please I need advice.

Started by Emma Pennicott 1 year 33 weeks ago

Thyroidectomy Papillary Cancer and Acid Reflux Gas

Started by Kberry1 1 year 33 weeks ago

Husband just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Please advise.

Started by worriedwife 5 years 29 weeks ago

Anaplastic variant of papillary carcinoma

Started by Juliemarae 2 years 2 weeks ago

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