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back lumbar braces for sport-loving osteoporotic

From: ittiandro - 1 year 45 weeks ago

I am a 75 years old male, very active, including windsurfing, jogging, lapse swimming, biking, etc ..
I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis ( -4.3 t-score for lumbar area ) with a high risk of fractures, but I am very athletic, with a strong muscular build and I was thinking that perhaps I can continue windsurfing with a back lumbar support brace .
I have probably been osteoporotic for some time without knowing it , but I have always practiced sports,( including windsurfing for 20 years, until today) without any problem, in spite of having had my fair share of falls and sometimes treated my body not as gently as osteoporosis would require.
I’ll see my doctor shortly, but I’d like to know if these braces are effective in keeping the chance of spinal fractures within a safe limit, in my condition and which models are recommended. I am in Montreal.




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