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Posted in: Obesity, and Thyroid Nodules.

Second Opinion Next Tuesday (5/2)

From: msputsey - 4 years 20 weeks ago

I have a 2.5 cm nodule on my thyroid. My neck has been hurting me since around Christmas and it was only after insisting that something was wrong, did my primary care doctor do the ultrasound. My TSH was 5.120, Free T4 1.2 and T3 151--again I had to insist on the tests. I have felt tired, run down and I jokingly say I was born fat (weight 9 lbs when I was born in 1963). I'm now around 380 and have never been able to lose weight and I mean never have I lost weight. I have asked dr. after dr. if I have hypothyroidism and they assure me that no I don't. My mother has hyperthyroidism and my sister has hypothyroidism.

My primary care doctor says there is nothing wrong with me except I'm fat. And it's my weight that has caused an irregular heart beat, shortness of breath and coughing with this thick phlegm. I've seen cardiologists who cannot explain my irregular heart beat and my pulmonologist says I could breath if I got rid of my excess body tissue (fat). I gag, I cough every morning and I wheeze quite a bit and at times it is hard for me to swallow.

When I started researching the nodule, I come to realize that some of my symptoms could also be from a malfunctioning thyroid. I went to an ENT who specializes in the thyroid a month ago and he assured NONE of what I've described could be from anything going on in my thyroid.

I found an endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid issues and I see her next week. My neck hurts--from the lump around to nearly the back and from the base of my neck up into my ear (all left side BTW). It feels like a throbby dull ache and sometimes it escalates into a more intense pain depending on how I move. I feel swollen but I've been told by the ENT and my general dr. there is no swelling.

Any advice? What questions should I ask? I feel so run down all the time. I just don't want to go in to this appointment feeling hopeful and be disappointed.

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