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Posted in: Obesity, and General Discussion.

is my primary dr right?

From: wicked_bored1 - 7 years 27 weeks ago

I have fibromyalgia, chronic headaches(tension and migraine) so i'm already fatigued I also have chronic hives and my allergist said that i was allergic to my thyroid antibodies or something like that and that i needed to have my thyroid checkde regularly.after a year and a half i had my primary check my thyroid she said it's within normal range soo i'm fine... i know it's not all in my head ...i am def gaining weight, i have minimal energy and although there is no bump i can feel on the left side of my throat if feels like there is ..pressure almost like someone is trying to choke me...should i request a referal to an endocrinologist? im not a fan of drs I have a few specialist for my other health problms i dont want to be shuffled around and put on more meds that make me sicker but idk what else to do at this point

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