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Im 22 and having hormonal problems.Why?

From: Nesha4bb - 6 years 8 weeks ago

HI my name is Kinesha and i've been having this problem for some time about a year now 7 months ago my periods became irregular i go to the hospital and the diagnose me with BV and i take the antibiotics and i would i began to get this unwanted odor, when i get a check up everything is normal but in May of this year i started having palpitations because of my irregular cycle and i had to get a blood transfusion which made me feel unbalanced, My ogbyn put me on birth control and they gave me a hot heart beat and i have bran fog ,fuzziness headaches and sometimes feel like my heart beats really hard but again all my test comes back normal my heart test comes back normal , and now i think i stressed out to much that i have anxiety which bring out a lot more symptoms, i lost weight i did change my diet but in May i was 175 now i'm 149 my doctor cant find or see something and its really bothering me and he checked for thyroid test came back normal at this point i just don't know what to do.

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What your are describing sounds like hyperthyroid..When you say your thyroid tests came back normal..what did he test? If he only tested TSH, it is not a good indicator of your actual levels. You need to AT LEAST get your free T3 and free T4 and TSH tested as well for an accurate indication. I would also ask for an antibodies test for Graves. Even if you are in the "normal" range (on what he tested you on), you can experience symptoms if you are on the high (or low) end of the normal range. Second, I would get a "second" opinion. Rarely do general practitioners know what to do with autoimmune type symptoms. I would look for an "integrative" doctor in your area (they tend to look at a broader picture of what is going on). Also, you may want to get a full hormone panel. It doesn't matter your age, you can have hormone imbalances at any time in your life.

Is this good advice?

Hormone imbalanced occur naturally, such as in puberty, menopause and perimenopause. Hormone imbalance may also be caused by toxins or an unbalanced lifestyle.
But whatever you explained. it sound like symptoms of hypothyroidism. Suggesting you to get diagnosed as early as possible.