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EndocrineWeb Community Advice
Posted in: Menopause, Osteoporosis, and Exercise.

give weight training a try for stronger bones

From: blackmamba - 8 years 41 weeks ago

I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago with osteoporosis and I did change my diet drastically cut down on coffee coke smoking cut it out completely.
But you need to read studies on how putting weight or resistance on the bone will force it to grow stronger . I have read many articles and studies done at leading universities for example in tennis players the arm that holds the racket and swings at the ball always has much stronger thicker bone than the one arm that does not hold racket so there are many studies. I hate the gym and have no time for it so I got a weight vest by nyknyc see it at they make a nice one for women with osteoporosis and since Im using it over 2 yrs .. the MD sez my bones have increased in density, so I know it works , sure worked for me! try the vest it really helps build bones

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Is this good advice?

Yes I agreed with the you and advise to continue the current procedure as you have achieved the desired results.You should the diet rich with vitamin D.Drink milk and eat fresh fruits.Take regular balance diet and avoid fast food and late night dinner.Take your break fast drink clean water and try to be happy.

Is this good advice?

We should be take care of the body weight for keep good fitness and health.Weight loss depends much on your health but health does not always depend on weight loss.Try to do exercise for 15 minutes in the beginning and when you feel easy then you may increase exercise duration up to 30 minutes for keep good health...

long island gym

Is this good advice?

yeah, Right about that. My sister was also telling me about this. Now, I shall also recommend it to my friends.