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Theres been a lot of talking and thinking about it, (how the Caps season unceremoniously ended in Tampa.) so its good to finally have the game on schedule right here at Verizon and start focusing on it.

Hoffman: Youve seen a lot of teams over your time in the NHL, tell me your impression of this team and some of the moves that were made.

Knuble: I want to say weve been strong the regular season in the two years Ive been here. That hasnt been our problem. Were deep enough and we have enough talent to do well in the regular season and be at the top of the conference. I think the guys we brought in are going to be great come playoff time. Theyre durable, theyre up and down guys and they play playoff style of hockey. I think thats the biggest difference. We dont need guys who dance during the regular season. We need guys who grind it out in the playoffs.

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