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Hypothyroidism Support Community Discussions

Hashimoto and mold exposure

Started by Sroberge1 41 weeks 23 hours ago

S/P thyroidectomy labs

Started by feviegirl1973 37 weeks 6 days ago

Memory loss and More

Started by Leojames113 44 weeks 9 hours ago

Second hand smoke exposure

Started by Turmeric 38 weeks 3 days ago

Newly Diagnosed With Hashimoto's and frustrated

Started by MS_H3LLFIRE 39 weeks 2 days ago

My Thyroid was removed in 2009, But my Antibodys still show

Started by katydid77 40 weeks 4 days ago

My results

Started by Leesy121 40 weeks 1 day ago

Blood tests don't make sense

Started by Greml1n 41 weeks 8 min ago

Total Thyroidectomy

Started by danielleallison 41 weeks 5 days ago

Life after radioactive iodine

Started by kristen1230 1 year 4 weeks ago

Lost and Confused

Started by Henrisgirl 42 weeks 5 days ago

39 year old male thyroid, acting very out of normal.

Started by abbydawnlynn 46 weeks 8 hours ago

Help with Thyroid Results

Started by NK19 47 weeks 3 days ago

Hashimotos - painful swollen neck gland and hurts to talk

Started by dee 4 years 34 weeks ago

Diabetes and Thyroid related problem

Started by arvindshukla 45 weeks 1 day ago

thyroid medication and short story

Started by ally512 46 weeks 4 days ago

I have Hashimoto's there is hope ❤

Started by Vanessamaurath 1 year 9 weeks ago

Too Young for menopause..

Started by el2001 7 years 9 weeks ago

When to take meds

Started by lbaker 46 weeks 4 days ago

Enlarged Thyroid

Started by Chicagogrl1 46 weeks 4 days ago