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Hypothyroidism Support Community Discussions

Avoid Thyroidectomy for Benign nodules.

Started by Josedxb 6 years 34 weeks ago

High TSH and T3?

Started by meesh222 6 years 23 weeks ago


Started by KOTTAYIL SUNIL KUMAR 6 years 23 weeks ago

Hello! New here and have a question.

Started by the3walcks 6 years 24 weeks ago

Numbers & Symptoms: What Do They Mean?

Started by UPC SS Teacher 6 years 31 weeks ago

up and down thyroid

Started by jcollin 6 years 24 weeks ago

Hurthle Cell Thyroid Cancer

Started by cjc 6 years 50 weeks ago

Am I really hypothyroid?

Started by CNEJUNK 6 years 25 weeks ago

Rapid Heartrate and Intolerance to cold

Started by legomommy8 6 years 28 weeks ago

Normal TSH, but...

Started by TSH.questions 6 years 33 weeks ago

Do you have hypothyroidism?

Started by lmbos 7 years 47 weeks ago

Can someone please help me with these results?

Started by redwind30 6 years 31 weeks ago

Gaining weight from hypothyroid

Started by ddmommy 6 years 35 weeks ago

Confusing past & current TSH and T4

Started by seb13 6 years 33 weeks ago

Please help in Des Moines, Iowa!!!

Started by switz36 6 years 33 weeks ago

weight gain/meds

Started by soccer mom 8 years 50 weeks ago

High TSH, High T4? What the heck.

Started by Cocoa_G 6 years 37 weeks ago

HIGH Reverse T3 Level

Started by alpemin 6 years 36 weeks ago

need help!

Started by reilly84 6 years 37 weeks ago


Started by tempez 6 years 48 weeks ago

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