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Posted in: Hypothyroidism, and Menopause.

confusion on tsh level please help

From: annies mom - 6 years 19 weeks ago

i am having serious issues with my meds i take synthroid .88 and estradial .5 . my labs say my tsh is .35 which my dr says are in the normal range but i am still having hypo symptoms , including a 20 lbs weight gain after hystorectomy last year had my thyroid out in 2010 was on 100 mcg for a year then after hysto did wonderful they bumped me down to .88 because of lab results .now i am on a half of .88 one day and a whole the next alternating i need so help understanding this i dont understand why i am needing less of the synthroid now instead of more i think they left 5% of the thyroid

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