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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Mrs Frances

From: phlebotomist - 6 years 47 weeks ago


Please can anybody out there help me. I had my thyroid removed years ago because it was overacting and very difficult to control with medication. Since then I have been taking levothyroxine and have felt terrible ever since. Each year at my check up I tell the doctor that I am constantly exhausted and he tells me that it is my lifesyle. I am quite an active fifty year old.
Recently someone told me that the medication I am taking has no T3 in it and Doctors in this country(England) will not prescribe it. Can this possibly be true? I cannot believe that I have spent the last ten years in this state when there is an alternative, I suppose you must all be thinking why havn't I done something about this before but honestly I just have not had the energy. Can anyone please tell me is there a solution to this awful situation, is it possible to buy T3 and use it together with the levothyroxine?

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