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Hello! New here and have a question.

From: the3walcks - 8 years 38 weeks ago

My name is Michele and I have had throuble with my thyroid now for about 5 years or so. I was diaignosed with type 2 diabetes at the same time as hypothyroidism. A couple months later we found that I had 2 lumps on my thyroid and sent me for a sonogram.They found two lumps and said they were not big enough to do anything with. Most of you know they want them to be at least a centimeter before they do anything. A bit later I began choking on certain things so she sent me for another sonogram and this time one of them were big enough to look into. She sent me to a doctor that was an hour away to get the biopsy done. My new endo. doctor is on vacation for who knows how long, they wouldn't tell me when she would be back. I called the place that did the biopsy and had them fax me a copy of the results and I am hoping someone can help me with the diagnosis.
It says,
Specimen adequacy : nondiagnostic
Final Diagnosis
Rare follicular cells
FNA right thyroid mid lobe.

Ok i know the last line is fine needle aspiration right thyroid mid lobe and that nondiagnostic means that either there was not enough cells or that something was wrong that they can't tell with the cells but what does " rare follicular cells mean"?
I hate that I will most likely have to get the biopsy done again, my poor neck turned black and blue and it was sore for a good few days. The doctor did 4 needle aspirations so it wasn't like it was just one prick of a needle.
Thanks ahead of time if someone can help me so I don't have to drive myself insane while waiting for my doctor to return to the country.

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