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Am I really hypothyroid?

From: CNEJUNK - 8 years 38 weeks ago

I've gained weight steadily (40+ lbs) in the past 4 years since the birth of my 2nd child. I've seen an endocrinologist off and on for several years now, wanting to explore if I was hypothyroid. They treated me for other issues but were never willing to prescribe thyroid medication as my levels were borderline, I think, but in the normal range. Recently a P.A. there did prescribe Tyrosint 13 mcg, as I still cannot lose weight and I have a small goiter. (I never had many other hypothyroid symptoms, just weight gain and low energy). An ultrasound showed I have benign thyroid nodules.
Since starting the Tyrosint, I've begun to gain weight rapidly. The PA said to double the dose, and I've been gaining weight faster. This is NOT what I wanted!
Now that I do more research, I'm wondering if I'm actually hypo, or anywhere close to it? I've read that if your TSH levels are low you're more likely to be HYPERthyroid. Not that I have symptoms of that either. My TSH levels in July were .78. Does this PA know what she is doing? I have an appointment soon, but I'm fed up and worried.
Also, can you really tell if thyroid nodules are benign if you don't do a biopsy?

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