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Avoid Thyroidectomy for Benign nodules.

From: Josedxb - 8 years 51 weeks ago

Hi, I would like to share my experience (or rather story) of Thyroidectomy and how that transformed me from a healthy person to a person full of health problems. I had a small nodule from the age of 10. The nodule was too small and never created a problem for me. No one noticed the nodule that time that I was never taken to a doctor for check-up. My sister, who is a doctor, took me to a surgeon at the age of 25 (ie., 15 years after the nodule was formed). The surgeon advised to ignore the nodule as the nodule is sure to be non-cancerous having given no problems for 15 years. Moreover all my thyroid function tests were normal. I was taken to a different doctor to a second opinion and there started the tragedy. I was brainwashed for surgery citing that a benign nodule can transform into a cancerous nodule, in future. Surgery was done but the problems started 10 years after the surgery, at the age of 35. My throat skin is tethered to the trachea and I have severe swallowing difficulties. I am not able to lead a normal life because of this and every meal is a challenge for me. I underwent two CT scans to find out the cause, thereby putting myself at permanent risk of getting cancer in future due to CT scan radiation. Now I am also suffering from hypothyroidism and living on daily thyroid supplement medicines. I am suffering from all the side effects of hypothyroidism like fatigue, sleepiness, weight gain, lack of concentration, depression, high cholesterol, skin and hair problems and so on...I suggest all the patients who are having benign thyroid nodule, to evaluate all the opportunities available and take opinion from many doctors, before deciding on surgery. My case is a real example of how a doctor spoiled the life of a healthy person by performing an unwanted surgery. I did extensive research on benign thyroid nodules after my health problems started recently and there I understood from experts that a thyroid adenoma never transforms into carcinoma and there is no history of finding residue of adenoma on the biopsy of carcinoma, to indicate that the carcinoma was developed from adenoma. (Adenoma in some other parts of the body like brain may transform into carcinoma). This finding reinforced my belief that surgery was a wrong decision. But my health and normal life has already been spoiled beyond repair. But my story may help someone else to take the right decision.

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