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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Eltroxin formulation change

From: TAgirl - 7 years 5 weeks ago


Hi, I am a woman from Israel with hypothyroidism. In the last few years I was treated with the medicine Eltroxin. A few years ago the Eltroxin's trademark was sold from GSK to Aspen Pharmaceuticals and it seems this was followed by a formulation change (active ingredient stayed the same).
I understand that in 2008, in New Zealand, once the new formulation was introduced, many patients experienced hypothyroidism symptoms.
This new formulation has been sold in Israel since February and thousands of patients, including me, are experiencing hypothyroidism for the first time in years.
I am looking for some information regarding the new formulation of Eltroxin, especially I am trying to understand in which other countries the new Eltroxin formula is sold and if there were any known effects there too.
I will appreciate it, if you can also direct me (if this is available) to the test results comparing the old and the new formulation of Eltroxin.
Many thanks

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