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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Not sure where to start...

From: Tiredmomma3 - 7 years 27 weeks ago

Sorry if im a little long winded about a month ago after several months of feeling crappy in general and having several infections in my skin my doc finally tested me for thyroid levels. I was at a 7.2 im waiting for my follow up labs to come back im kind of hoping its still elevated because it would explain a lot of things that have been "wrong" with me lately (increased anxiety, no weightloss despite the decreased food intake and attemps at increased excercise, fatigue, muscles cramping, lack of interest in sex w spouse, irritablity and im getting forgetfull...) alot of this I thought was maybe just a deeper depression issue...I have dealt with mild depression all my life and have suffered some of these symptoms off and on my entire life I know im only 30 but with 3 kids starting in my teens and the last of them at the age of 28...could I have been dealing with this longer than the last few increase in antidepressants just make me worse and didnt aleiviate any of my symptoms..this is affecting my marraige and my parenting wich is my whole life. I have been feeling a little detached and a little emotionally constipated for about a year now..I thought maybe I was having a mommy breakdown but now im not so sure it was me as a mom failing but maybe my body inhibiting me from being the best wife and mother I could be?? I guess maybe im looking for reassurance that once im finally diagnosed that maybe things will get better and I will feel more like the me that has been lost in that negativity that can be caused by hypothyroidism???maybe I really am losing it..since ive been waiting for results ive been having panic attacks and the few degrees in the weather have me freezing my butt off...I dont know what to ask or whom to ask all the millions of questions I have even my female cycles are off...again sorry for being long winded here I just have so many questions crammed in my brain and lately if I dont ask right away I forget.

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