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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.


From: Vauntella35 - 11 years 17 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was about 3 years of age. It started with constipation and then a goiter and a swollen pituitary gland. It took the determination and love of my mother to push ahead and find out was wrong with me. I am very grateful to her. I have been taking synthroid and levothyroxin all my life. My dosage was .125 mg from about age 15 and I am now 35. My dosage was not changed at all through all 4 of my pregnancies. Two years ago my ignorant ex-doctor changed my medication to a lower dosage and I gained 20 lbs in a month. I lost my libido, energy, and my drive to work out. I was extremely depressed. I ordered him to change it back about a month after that and he did. I still am not right. And I recently lost my insurance. I have no doctor and no one to talk to about this. I feel so overwhelmed. Hoshimotos runs in my family, my grandmother, my dad, my sister, my daughter. I need a good endocrinologist, but have very little choice in the matter. I have had all my children checked out after I found out my Dad had hoshimotos (hypothyroidism) too. My grandmother died at 65 from a very bad heart. She wore a pace maker for about 10 years before she died. I worry about my health constantly. I have no energy and am finding it harder and harder to be happy. I just want to be healthy and feel the way I used to.

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hashimotos also runs in my family. I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. My understanding is it takes some time 3-4 weeks for the effects of the synthroid to kick in, so give it a couple of weeks, but make sure you go to a doctor. A good PCP can also help you with it if you can't find an endo you trust where you live. I would try Wallmart. I recently saw an advertisement for levo for something like $10 per month.

Good luck

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vauntella - don't despair. When did you have your last blood test for TSH T3 T4? What were the results? I was 80 before I had this test and it came out at TSH 38.0 the worst the lab had in it's records. It was brought down by levothyroxine to within the rnormal range in four months. It's been normal for five months but I still have my sick, dizzy, confused and speech difficulty days. I think it's because I'm not on the right dose yet. But I'll get there, one of these days. You too.
Bless you

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You must have felt terrible Oldie, although I can beat your TSH, mine was 57.something. My doctor thinks I was 3 to 6 weeks away from being bed ridden when it was tested and although I am only 45 I felt at least 80! My weight went up by 30kg in 6 months. I am very strong minded which is why the thyroid problem got so bad, but feel I am struggling now to keep a positive mental attitude. I have been on Eutroxsig and natural Thyroid for 12 months. My energy levels are back up but my weight won't shift.
I had undiagnosed PCOS for 25+ years before the thyroid collapse and now the insulin resistence and weight problems that go with that, combined with the weight gain from the thyroid collpse have pushed me over the edge and I now have type 2 Diabetes. Yippee! I feel like I am on a train hurtling towards a heart attack. Current weight is 133kgs and holding steady. Stupid thing is that I find the hardest part of it all to deal with is the automatic assumption I see in peoples eyes that it is my own fault and that I am part of the obesity epidemic through my own ignorrance, excesses and stupidity rather than as a result of the misfortune to have a cocktail of medical problems I have fought hard all my life to not give into the effects of.
How's that for a burst of self pity before breakfast. Sorry. I know things could (and with my luck probably will at some time in the near future) be worse!! I feel better now for having a whinge!
I guess the whole philosophy thing I try to follow day to day (apart from staying away from mirrors!!) is is this: make the most of today - however bad I feel because I never know - I could be worse tomorrow and then I'll be wishing I only felt as bad as I do today. Karen

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Hello, i was recently diagnosed with hoshimotos and i am trying to get pregnant and i take fertility drugs to help. I just started 2 days ago with those and i was wondering did you have an effects from the medication during pregnancy? did you have to be on bed rest? Also commonly with hypothyriodism you cant lose weght? and normally are heavier set right? well i am lucky to be 100 lbs. soakin wet and i have already lost 15 lbs. over 1 year span. And i cant keep my weight up at all. so do you really think i have hypothriodism? or is it border line hypo-hyper? Also i am young(20) . i feel like i have had this for along time but out of luck i discovered that i had some tyriod issue. When you were about 15 and medicated did you feel tired alot before being prescribed meds.? and were your periods really irregular? Because i have that issue and thts why i am taking fertility meds. i am sorry that i dont have advice for you, i really take hope from your story you seem like a very strong women i hope that your future is bright and full of answers and help. I feel that i connect with you on the comment, how its harder and harder to be happy and you just want to be healthy and feel how you used to. I know what you mean. But also hopefully this helps becasue it helps me every now and again, God only gives you what you can handle and he there to help. Yeah i know what your thinking, than why did he give me this? i think the same thing but i guess in life you find your strength and your worth.