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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Many questions?????

From: QTPYE - 7 years 13 weeks ago

A year ago I was tested for hypothyroidisum my test all came back that yes my levels were all too high. So I was started on .025 of levothyroxine I'm now at .075 I'm still tired all the time wish I could stay in bed all day and sleep. Cold all the time,overweight,dry skin,loading hair,depressed still have all the same symptoms as when I first was told I did have hypothyroidisum. I hear everyone saying there on any where from 100 mcgs to 150 mcgs is my.075mcgs a super low dose? My doc finally did an ultra sound and asked me if I wanted to see a specailist ha ha yes plz I would love to figure out why I still have all these problems with no help from my meds. I can't wait I go on the 12th its sad that I'm so excited.

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