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Tingling, pins and needles sensation from hypothyroidism?

From: tanderson88 - 9 years 6 weeks ago

I'm constantly getting these tingling pains all over my body, especially my hands and feet. It's driving me crazy!!!! I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Is this caused by my hypothyroidism? Does anybody out there experiance this. It's unbareable at times!!!! Hoping i can get some advice. Please Help!!

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Hi Yanafree,

Thanks for sharing your story. I see my GP tomorrow so I'll see what her opinion is on the tingles. I feel it mostly in my lips lately. A lot of the time I don't notice it but the cause of it bothers me more than the symptoms. When I saw my endo, he barely did a thing. Felt me swallow once, listened to my heart for a few seconds. Didn't ask me the usual questions about hair loss or constipation or whatever. He asked me if I had a rash and I said no. He just didn't thing the tingles had anything to do with Hashimoto's. I asked about taking meds at night instead of the morning and he said it was fine as long as it was taken properly. He's never mentioned any foods that shouldn't be taken with meds before but he did this time. He said walnuts and coffee and I think he said grapefruit should not be consumed. I'd never heard that before. I'd heard about the cruciferous veg and calcium and wheat, barley. I remember thinking, what the heck do I eat for breakfast? I can't eat eggs everyday! Anyway, I haven't been feeling too bad lately, so I'm going to keep up the meds unless I start feeling those aches again and see what the bloodwork shows in 3 months. Take care!

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fasting could be the solution. It will clean your body and go to the root of the problem. your body will auto heal itself if you give it time to devote all its energy to healing itself (whatever it may be) versus digesting. fasting allows your body to use all it's energy to heal the issues in the body instead of just digesting.

Read up on's can really create miracles.

hope it gives you some hope.


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People with Hypoglycemia would pass out if the fast. Fasting isn't going to correct a Thyroid Imbalance. I do know Hypnosis that speaks to the Higher Self one can get answers and healing in many cases, but fasting will not get to the root cause and release it for a complete healing of any illness or disease.

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I get that feeling from time to time and my old doctor would tell me if was from retaining water and put me on a diuretic which made it worse so I would stop taking them and the feeling would go away.. It does come and go but not as bad as it once did

Katie Rogers

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Hi Matt
Do you mind me asking what your TSH levels were when you started to experience these pains?
I have been having numbness/tngling/burning for two weeks. My TSH came back at 4.12, and my T$ was 7.7 so my PCP will not increase my dosage...still feel it's connected to my hypo issues.
Were you diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia?
My neuro says the pain is different.

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0 I am really on a learning curve thanks to these responses. I have been experiencing face numbness/tingling for two weeks. MRIs/ MRA have shown nothing.I feel it is connected to my thyroid because I was not always diligent about taking it. My TSH (tested at 1:30 pm was 4.12)
T4 was 7.7
I never knew until this thread I couldn't have coffee after taking my morning meds...I usually have my coffee about 15 minutes after I take my pill (50 mcg) and my PCP said that was fine, just no breakfast until about 40 mins.
I think I will set my phone alarm for 5:00 and take my med then...this numbness is so anxiety provoking.
Anyone else experience this with a TSH around 4?

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