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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

wow.....what a difference

From: bentzkim - 7 years 17 weeks ago

My name is kim and i had my thyroid removed 2 years ago and have been fighting it ever since. I have the same issues that most of you are having, the tingling, the constant schedule of trying to take your pills on time(synthroid(no food or coffee for 30 min), then wait 4 hrs for calcium, then so on so on....)and extreme fatigue after taking my pills. Due to a hectic schedule i was missing too many doses of calcium and multi vitamins and such. I decided to research taking my synthroid at night. Like everything else i found mixed reviews but I decided to try it. All i can say is WOW what a difference it made for me!!!!!! I am not tired any more, I am able to take my multi vitamins, and get my calcium in (my parathyroids went on strike when they removed my thyroid, so I have to take additional calcium). People are commenting that they see more life in my eyes and face and attitude, also it has helped me stop snacking 2 hours before bedtime(a requirement to take it at night). I have not had a chance to get my levels retested since i started taking it at night but that is coming real soon. I have not had any problems sleeping by doing this also, i just wanted to share my experiences in a slim chance that I can help someone like me that didn't know. Anyways, good luck with your fight(it is never ending for sure) :)

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