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From: JORDAN - 6 years 10 weeks ago

I found a nodule on my left thyroid in 2010 and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had my left thyroid removed and I was told my right was fine so I should leave it to avoid being on med's. I followed up after surgery with Endocrinologist because I was feeling horrible......tired, chills, feeling as though something was stuck in my throat. Dr said my levels were off I need med's for hypothyroid AND I have two nodules on right side???? I was started on Levathyroxin and took that for over 6months felt betr but still not "normal"..changed my meds to Synthroid four weeks ago. I feel worse than ever......tired, chills, depression, headaches, no labido, exhausted mental and physically. I have literally had thoughts of leaving earth. Needless to say I have switched Dr's and having blood work done tomm and I will c Dr Friday. Any suggestions on Med's? I am so frustrated!!!!!!! Thanks

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