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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism, levels "normal" but still tired

From: Fredulica - 7 years 35 weeks ago

5 years ago I had half my thyroid removed and have been on levothyroxine ever since. My levels are checked regularly and I am always told are normal. However I am always very tired and am now at the point where I need to be in bed by 9.30 pm every night otherwise I struggle to operate the next day. I do regular exercise and have a good diet. I do wonder if the "normal" level is really my normal level, or indeed whether or not there is another treatment that i could take instead?

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I am having the same problem. I started levothyroxine in 2007 and it worked great until 2009. Since then, I have gained weight back, lost more hair, have had extreme exhaustion and pretty much all of the symptoms before starting the medication. My doctor has been telling me for over 2 years that my numbers are normal so it must be something else. I asked to be referred to an endocrinologist but was told I had to see my doc first. I went back yesterday and she did some more tests; called today and said test are all great so my symptoms must be from work and life or depression and I should talk to a BH doc. I'm sorry but that is not good enough. I keep finding sites that say over and over that just because the numbers are fine doesn't mean you feel right, etc. Yet, my doctor of over 15 years, is telling me in not so exact words that I'm nuts. Plus, I think 3.77 when "standard numbers are 0.5-3.0" AND you're taking medicine, shouldn't be considered normal! Every day for 2 years I'm literally fighting to keep my eyes open and most days, feel like the lump feeling in my throat is going to choke me or it feels like my throat is tight and pulling my tongue. I can't explain the feeling but this is not caused by stress from work or life. I've decided to find an endocrinologist without a referral and see what happens. Hopefully, will have some insight for you. If anyone else has insight, please do share. Thanks so much!!

Is this good advice?

I am going through the same type of situation. Dont these Dr's realize this is our life they are blowing off as a normal blood test?? I would suggest a new Dr and dont give up until they figure out what is causing you to feel this way.
They recently changed my meds and I am so depressed, tired, cold (chills).....I literally fall asleep at my desk after getting 7-10 hrs of sleep. Keep me posted would love any kind of feedback. God Bless

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