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Thyroidectomy Complications

From: renn - 1 year 38 weeks ago

I had a thyroidectomy August of 2016. The following month I started having heart palpatations. My family doctor referred me to a heart doctor. The doctor performed a 24 hour heart monitor, as well as, an echocardiogram. They said my body is recovering from the thyroidectomy and to increase my intake of potassium. The palpatations continued and increased in frequency, as well as, duration. Therefore, I went to a different heart doctor for a second opinion. They completed another 24 hour heart montior. It showed I had hundreds of Premature Ventricular Contractions from the bottom of my heart. Since the palpatations were not thousands and coming from the bottom of my heart, I was told to increase my sodium intake and to return in two years. The palpatations were not getting any better, I contacted the second heart doctor. Again, I had a 24 hour heart monitor. Now the I had thousands of contractions. They were coming from the bottom, as well as, the top of my heart. In addition, my heart is skipping beats. This caused blood clots in both of my lungs.

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