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hi all, i take no medications, am not overweight or underweight, have not been medicated for thyroid.

MAY this year i had heaps of energy!!! but lost 9kg in a couple of months with no effort required.
TSH was 0.18 ... my free T3 & free T4 were in range.
PATHOLOGY notes stated: in the absence of replacement therapy, these results suggest autonomos thyroid function. while nodules in multi-nodular goitres can become autonomous, functioning neoplasms may also produce this pattern, and clinical correlation recommended.

AUGUST this year, ive napped or rested alot, have put back on 4.5 kg still no change in food or exercise.
TSH 8.5 (low)
Free T4 8.0 (low)
Free T3 3.0 (low)
PATHOLOGY notes state: TSH increase is less than usually seen relative to the low T4. Possibilities include sick euthyroid, pituitary hypothyroidism, T3 therapy, and drugs eg dopamine, salicyclates; primary hypothyroidism is less likely.

SEPTEMBER this year- antibodies microsomal and thyroglobin tested and both in range so not hashimoto

*has anybody jumped between high and Low TSH without medication and within 3 months?
* its not hashimoto as antibodies fine
* graves usually has high T3 and T4 doesnt it so isnt that
* what do you make of the pathologist notes?

yes im waiting to have one more blood test to test TSH, free T3 and Free T4 again in two weeks and get a referal for an endo as so far my Gp hasnt offered one and i requested the latest blood test after they told me i didnt even need to come back in. Im just a bit nervous in advance as when i look up the things suggested by pathologist they dont look all that great?!

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