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Post thyroidectomy palps

From: Pacino85 - 2 years 6 weeks ago

Hi all.

I’m a 40y old male w hashimotos diagnosed for last 8 years or so. Have taken levothyroxine 100mcg for last few years to regulate TSH. Pretty well regulated lately. I was on Levo 125mcg for a number of years until several years ago and was having some heart palpitations, so dialed it back to 75mcg, gradually increasing it to the (most recently) 100mcg.

2 years ago I had 2 FNAs for nodules, both of which were benign. Last year the ultrasound showed no changes, so no biopsy. Last month, the ultrasound showed a change in a 3rd nodule (that wasn’t previously biopsied). Post inconclusive FNA and Thyroseq testing that pointed to a high probability of PTC or NIFTP, I had a full thyroidectomy on Wednesday.

Beginning thursday (4 days ago), my doctor has me taking 150mcg levo every morning. Unfortunately since Thursday, I’ve experienced heart palpitations sporadically (not rapid heartbeat, but more like a missed beat). Wondering if this is because I’m overtreating with too much levo for now as my TSH levels are perhaps still normal since my thyroid was just removed. Perhaps I should move down to 125mcg dosage for a month or two and then have my levels checked, and if need be further increase to 150mcg?

Any thoughts or insights here would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Is this good advice?

Your dilemma is quite understandable. While you are right that palpitations are a common symptom of too much levothyroxine, we cannot offer any personal medical advise to you. What we can do--if you haven't already-- is urge you to call your doctor to ask this very reasonable question. They will know best how to address your concerns about palpitations. We'd love to have you let us know what your doctor recommends for you so others will know what worked for you. We look forward to hearing more from you!