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Symptoms vs. labs

From: LSchuman - 2 years 7 weeks ago

I have nodules. I had my left lobe removed because the doctor said the nodules were not function in conjunction with my thyroid. The nodules in my right lobe have multiplied. I have developed joint problems since having the left lobe removed. I am getting fatter by the minute. I joined Nutrisystem and then Weight Watchers with minimal results despite strict eating habits. My hair is falling out. I can see my scalp. I have ringing in my ears that come and go. I can see my right lobe protruding in my neck and have swelling. I have pain in my thyroid that wakes me up, shooting pain up into my jaw. My skin is dry. I am increasingly forgetful. My eyebrows are disappearing.

My doctor said I'm borderline diabetic. He wants to put me on Metformin. I all but told him to kiss my - - -.

He won't address my thyroid symptoms. My labs as of today, T3=3.2, T4=1.1, and TSH=1.45. He said he isn't concerned.

I cannot find anyone, not a single doctor, to listen to me except my neurologist who is/was treating my migraines and is now leaving her neurology practice to focus on M.S. care. I am so frustrated I could scream.

I am ready to seek a physician outside of my state and outside of my healthcare plan if that is what it takes to find a good quality endocrinologist who gives a rats tail about his/her patients.

Should I just ignore my symptoms?

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