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EndocrineWeb Community Advice
Posted in: Hypothyroidism, and Obesity.

High TSH at 13, normal T3 and t4. Doctor not concerned

From: cliriano - 2 years 43 weeks ago

Greetings, I have elevated TSH at 13, normal T3 and t4. I am on levothyroxine 137mcg. My endocrinologist is not concerned but I am. I want to practice preventive medicine and not wait until there's a different problem. I don't have hair loss or feel cold or anything else. I have heart palpitations sometimes but nothing terrible. The question is, does this high TSH indicate something that I should be concerned about and looking to lower?

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My TSH levels are 146.70 and I had a total thyroidectomy over 5 years ago you would think somebody in my position would understand this stuff and I still don't understand it and my doctors just keep confusing me more maybe somebody can break it down to me an English what can happen to somebody with levels like mine I have asked this question and questions don't get answered, I also feel it's time to look for a new Doctor They have me on severe high doses of thyroid medication. I'm taking tirosint 300 mcg in the morning and they have me taking additional 200 MCG in the evening and my lvls are not going anywhere they are not stabilizing I'm not on any other medications that could suppress the thyroid medications so if anyone can kindly answer this and explain I would be internally grateful my free T3 is 1.6 pg/ml T4 free T4 is 0.59 ng/dl