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Returning to the extreme fatigue discussion

From: Susiecue - 3 years 26 weeks ago

Hi all! I've been reading some of the discussions that catch my eye!

A discussion that started 8 yrs up to 2 years ago about people with so called "normal" blood etc. tests and suffering with extreme fatigue!

This topic is a major life issue for me for the past several years! Like so many of you I became extremely frustrated and willing to do or try ANYTHING! I don't know how many supplements, from trusted companies, or how much money I've spent which probably all ended in the toilet!

Nothing, absolutely Nothing helps! Have any of you previous posters or newbies (like myself) found any kind of solution?

This topic seems to be so common but the Medical Professionals don't seem to have any assistance to offer!

Just want to know if you've found a solution, have a great day, Susan

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Hi, extreme fatigue can have several causes..... are you overweight? sedentary? how about your eating habits? if none of the above, you might suffer from hypothyroidism which is my case. You got to get tested for your T4 and your T3 and take the results to an endocrinologist. I also tried dozens of supplements for nothing.... what got me back on my feet was the right dosage of hormones for my lazy thyroid.