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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

High TSH post op, post amiodarone

From: trop-prof - 1 year 3 weeks ago

I am 70, male, and recently underwent an emergency thoracotomy to drain 3 litres of blood from the chest and pericardium. This followed a botched attempt at cardiac ablation which blew a hole in the heart. My pre-op TSH was 5.2. Recovering in the post op period, I was given amiodarone for about 3 weeks in hospital which is well known to have anti-thyroid properties. When I got home and saw this raised TSH value, I stopped taking the drug and have been off it for 5-6 weeks..

Now, 9 weeks later, my TSH was re-tested and was found to be 15, ie very high. I asked my doctor if I should have a T4 level done. He replied that I should wait. I feel tired and short of breath but its hard to know if this might be hypothyroidism or just recovering from the chest surgery. Can amiodarone cause thyroid function to fluctuate like this, after such a short course?

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