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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

taking Iodine/iodide for thyroid

From: kate - 9 years 14 weeks ago

ok so like may of you I have many of the signs and symptoms and my Dr. is unwilling to help(go figure) so I started reading and noticing that those who take iodine/iodide they started to notice the bad things going away by taking an iodine/iodide pill. So I went on and read the reviews and I read people like me getting better. I bought some and started taking 4 pills a day (each pill is 12.5mg of iodine/iodide so I am taking 50mg a day) the pills are small and have no taste and I have taken them 1 week and today I got in the shower and had no hair loss ( I have lost hair everyday for 3 years) I have more energy and feel good for once. It will take up to a month for these pills to fix the thyroid since it is the slowest system in the body, but for me the $19.00 it cost me is so worth it, I slept all night since the first night, my hair has stopped falling out, and I feel like I can get my work done without a nap. This is just week 1. I will post more as the weeks pass but dont put all your eggs in the Dr's basket you are your best Dr. Read up on it and good luck.The pills are called IDORAL. good luck.

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