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Congenital Hypothyroidism

From: altaelpl91 - 11 weeks 5 hours ago


I am a female in my mid twenties diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism. I have been on Synthroid since I was two weeks old. Ultrasounds have shown that have a small amount of thyroid tissue but that no actual thyroid gland was ever present. I check my labs annually and sometimes need minor dosage adjustments. I am extremely into living a healthy lifestyle and that includes eating a variety of foods. Over the past few years I have taken more interest into my thyroid disorder, however my search research only finds information about Hashimoto disorder. I am aware of the effects of too much fiber, soy, cruciferous vegetables, etc. What I am confused about is whether or not this applies to the functioning of the thyroid or just the absorption of the Synthroid. I take my medicine first thing in the morning with a glass of 8 oz water. I typically have eggs for breakfast 30-45 minutes later. Then an hour or two later I have oatmeal or cereal. I love to eat cruciferous vegetables during the day or for dinner. Over the past few years I have been avoiding some of these foods because of what I have read. I recently moved to another country that incorporates rye into nearly every meal. I began to indulge in lots of yummy and so healthy for you rye bread everyday! If I continue to take my medicine early and hours prior to any consumption of these foods will my thyroid levels remain stable? Do these foods apply to my Congenital Hypothyroidism? Additionally, I would like to start taking Rainbow Light Organic Women's Multivitamin but they contain kale, spinach, and some other thyroid no no's. I need some clarification!

Thank you!

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